Eraven's Tale

The mysterious nights

3 questionable nights

We rested outside Goulpass Keep and slept through the night. In the morning we continued our journey northward. Later that day we found a bag along the road. I convinced Thorin to open it by telling him that I thought I saw something shiny inside, which was a complete lie. To my surprise he actually found a shiny amulet inside. It was marked with a quire symbol, which I noted was similar to the amulet we found before. Further along the road we found a bloody note. Next to it was a bloody trail that Gebbor insisted we follow. Unfortunately, the trail led to the body of a mutilated female human. We couldn’t find her killer and after a short search I cremated her.

Our journey kept growing stranger the next night. In the middle of the night, during Gebbor’s watch, we encountered fairies mounted upon squirrels. I talked to the fairies, despite the dwarves’ desires to simply murder them. They told me they were hunting sprites, and I later found out that my companion Thorin had a sprite with him. I told them that we hadn’t seen any sprites and the fairies left, after some convincing of course.

On our third day of travel we finally came to the base of the peaks. We decided to rest there for the night then begin our trek through the mountains the following morning. We passed through the middle of the peaks in the middle canyon. The canyon was very unsettling. The earth seemed to move around us and under our feet. In the middle of our path an earth elemental suddenly appeared ready to attack. Luckily for our party I speak Primordial. I spoke with the elemental and asked if we could pass. He wanted to know why we were passing. I told him of our quest and how noble it was. He agreed to let us pass on one condition: that we give him one of the amulets that we had found. Knowing that the amulet would be needed later on in our journey we disagreed to the deal. The elemental refused to let us pass and we decided to climb the side of the peak to go around.



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