Eraven's Tale

The entrance to the unknown

Halfway through the day we found our first landmark: the stream. It was easy to cross despite its horrid appearance. The dwarves tried to throw me across and failed miserably. I fell into a thin layer of ice and was soaked. After drying out we traveled northward, but before we could go far we were stopped by a blizzard. Instead of fighting our way through it we camped. At least Thorin and I did. Gebbor foolishly kept going, the stubborn dwarf. While Thorin and I camped I made sure to assert my dominance over him, events that I wish not to write here.

The next morning was clear and we continued northward. We luckily found Gebbor half-buried in the snow on our way. He was surprisingly alive. It wasn’t long before the weather worsened once again, but this time with a thick fog. We easily became lost and wandered aimlessly for hours. When the fog departed we somehow were above the 3 waterfalls that the dragon had told me about. We were able to lower ourselves with rope, though Gebbor and I fell part of the way. Luckily I was able to grab a hold of him and the rope and save ourselves from serious injury. The cave was in between two of the three waterfalls just like the dragon had said.

The path up to the cave was treacherous. The waterfalls were more like icefalls. I was able to bend the ice around us so we could safely make it inside the cave. Surprisingly enough, torches were lit inside, though it seemed abandoned. In the first corridor we ventured down I found a broken statue. I could tell it was a statue of Miyeem, who I know as the god of water. In the rubble I found a necklace. A very strange necklace with different colored beeds.

We continued to a room. Inside were two frozen solid orcs and a chest. Upon examining the second orc Gebbor noticed his valuable sword. Instead of taking it from the frozen creature’s hand he stabbed his great axe into its back. Gebbor’s strength was too much, the axe was so deep the dwarf had trouble removing it. I tried my best but failed. Fortunately for Gebbor my arrogant attitude enraged him enough so he could easily remove it with a single hand.

The orc suddenly awoke as the axe left its back. It attacked Thorin instantly. Thorin wrestled with the creature while I casted a fire on its belly. After he fell to the ground unconscious I revived him to a solid state. He was very annoying, but quickly died by a trap door that I convinced him to open. The trapped door led to nothing but an empty hallway. Thorin tried praying to his god for direction as to what he could find in the empty hallway. When he finished the prayer the axe that was used on the trap door fell to the ground. Thorin took this as a sign the he had to use the axe to chop through the icy walls. He told me to stay so we could find the loot that was most assuredly inside. He chopped with the axe and managed to make a small dent in the wall.

He repeatedly tried while I was bored by his attempts. I used my magic to instead move entire sections of the wall away. We found ourselves in a very large room filled with ice methits on the other side. They made petty attacks and we quickly killed them, but each time one died a creepy laughter filled the room. Towards the end the laughter became cynical and dark. I began to hate my time in the cave extremely. All I wanted to do was leave. We saw at the other side some sort of demon made of ice. It hurled a large chunk of ice into the air towards us which became decreasingly smaller as it rolled. Suddenly from the ice a half-elf emerged. Who knows how long the elf was there in that cave. When he began to move I told him to run with us so we could escape the demon.



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