Eraven's Tale

The Entrance to GhoulPass Keep

In the abandoned ruins, Ghoulpass Keep, Thorin and I continued to explore. While adventuring inside Thorin stepped on a trapped pressure plate. I was able to escape from the traps but he could not. He was trapped inside a hall behind a thick stone wall. I almost felt bad for the Dwarf. After I solved a simple riddle the door made a clicking noise. Shortly after, Thorin solved a riddle on his side and the door fully opened. After the door completely opened a pedestal arose in the hall. On top was a golden ring bejeweled with a large diamond. Thorin, being the greedy Dwarf he is, tried to grab it for his own, but miraculously disappeared. After that I was left a choice: do I leave? Or do I touch the ring and help someone who has never shown kindness to me? After thoughtful consideration I touched the ring in hopes that I might have a friend in Thorin.
I instantaneously appeared in another room with Thorin by my side. The room was circular with the same pedestal and ring in the middle. Surrounding us on the walls were twelve strange painting:

I recognized one of the paintings, the very same that the old man from the inn had shown us in his letter. Only a single door led out of that room.



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