Eraven's Tale

A New discovery?

We ran into the next room. Gebbor sprinted at full force and was struck by a wyrmling. He was seriously injured and bloodied. The half-elf with me used a powerful magic to put the wyrmling and Gebbor to sleep. We kicked the dwarf awake and I healed him to a stable state. We continued farther down the cave. We knew the way out, but I wanted to make sure we found the dragon’s amethyst. We didn’t run into anymore enemies for a while. While exploring we encountered strange writings on the walls. They were all separated into four parts spread throughout the cave:

Yu Mo
Gui Gwai
Di Zao

We found a chest that the half-elf investigated. Inside was a strange crystal. Embedded in the crystal was an image of a dragon.

We explored further through the icy cave, occasionally finding strange stones that teleported us to different areas. Upon teleporting into a large room Gebbor and I found a dragonborn chained to a wall. It was surrounded by kobolds. We started fighting them, easily killing a few. The dragonborn awoke from some stupor during the fight. It was able to free itself from its bonds and kill a kobold with its bare hands. After the fight and some conversing with the dragonborn we continued our journey.

We advanced further through the cave, using the teleporting stones to jump from area to area. The dragonborn and I became separated from Gebbor. Gebbor went south while we traveled north. We came upon an area of the cave I quickly recognized. We were at the entrance, at least what used to be the entrance. The entryway was now sealed off by the magical ice. We turned around and ventured south to resume our search for the amethyst.

Upon further adventuring I could hear the screams of Gebbor from farther within the crypt. The dragonborn led the way in the direction he thought he heard the screams. We went until we came across a small room. As soon as the door opened we were dragged in against our will. Before us was a demonic creature. He bid us welcome and called us fools. I talked to the demon while the dragonborn kept silent. I called the demon the ‘keeper of the cave.’ I doubt he was any type of keeper but the name seemed fitting.

I was very open with the foul creature. I told it of our quest. The demon demanded that I instead find the amethyst and bring it to him. I told how the dragon would surely kill me if I betrayed it. The demon assured me the dragon would be of no trouble. I agreed once again to find the amethyst for a more powerful being. The demon gave me directions and I left with the dragonborn. The directions were horrible, but eventually we were able to find our way.

We came across Gebbor, shaken and nearly frozen to death. We recuperated him and it became obvious he too had come across the ‘keeper of the cave.’ We eventually found stairs that the demon spoke of. We rested there, knowing that more challenges awaited us.



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