Eraven's Tale

A New ally or A New Threat

The mountain was extremely frigid. We climbed as far as we could until nightfall. We set up camp and drew sticks for our watches. In the middle of the night we were attacked by a wyrmling. It was pure white and blended almost perfectly against the snow. Its breath was a cold wind. The wyrmling made no attempt to talk despite my attempts to calm him in Draconic. After a long battle we killed the beast, and not surprisingly after the battle a larger dragon flew down. Thorin and Gebbor ran into the bushes like cowards.

I spoke to the dragon in draconic, and he surprisingly talked to me. Perhaps he was amazed by my ability to speak in the dragon tongue. He quickly demanded to know why I had slain his son. I couldn’t deny that I had killed his son since I was covered in his blood. I explained that his son had attacked us first despite my attempts to calm him. It took a while for the dragon to believe me, but he did and explained that his son was always brash. I told him of the coward Dwarves hiding in the bushes, and he demanded that they come out. Thorin came out, but Gebbor ran. He was definitely confused since he understood none of our conversation. After the dragon stopped Gebbor from running he spoke to me again in Draconic. He told me of a quest he demanded I and the Dwarves complete for him as payment for killing his son.

Travel a day and a half down the valley,
Cross the stream then travel North.
You will come across three water falls
In between two you will find a cave.
Enter the cave, find the amethyst of immeasurable value
Bring it to me.
I will be waiting outside.

The dragon promptly left after I accepted his quest. We continued are rest until sunrise, and the following morning we made our trek down the mountain. We were met by a horrible snow storm, and wolves were a common sight. They hunted us as we fled down the mountain. Along the way we heard chattering in the bushes around us. I proceeded to investigate but found nothing. We ignored the noises from then on, but as we continued Thorin was attacked out of nowhere. A small indistinguishable object flew past his head. Fairies emerged from the bushes mounted on squirrels. They sought to kill Thorin’s sprite. Thorin was able to hide his sprite from the fairies while I sought to speak to them.

I was unfortunately too nice to the fairies and asked them why they wished to kill my companion’s sprite. One of the fairies began to tell a long and boring story of how sprites once attacked their great homeland. It became obvious to me that such a story could not be true. I argued briefly defending the sprite. I realized that the fairies were too stubborn to see reason and instead insulted them. I told them to go home then corrected myself saying, “wait. You don’t have a home, do you?” The fairies and squirrels were devastated by my remarks and fell to the ground in tears.

Thorin, being the foolish dwarf he is, saw an opportunity to kill the fairy and stomped on it with his boot. The fairy became nothing more than goo. A conflict arose, and I managed to start a large fire in a frozen forest, to this day I still don’t understand how it happened. After a small fight and killing the majority of fairies we were turned into comical animals. I, a sheep; Gebbor, a frog; and Thorin, a pig(very accurate). Gebbor as a frog ate the last fairy with his long, sticky tongue. We waited an hour to turn into our normal selves. After resting for the night we continued our journey.



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