Eraven's Tale

Whispered Promises

Luckily for us, Thorin was able to resist the pile of gold. For some odd reason while we were inside I noticed a jewel encrusted hilt inside the pile. It was extremely beautiful, and while I stared at it I could hear a voice in the back of my head.

“Grab me, Eraven.” The voice whispered.

I hesitated. Any weapon that talks couldn’t be enchanted with a friendly magic.

“Eraven.” The voice came again. “I will grant you the power you need.”

“Power, yes.” I answered. “But will you grant me the power to vanquish this world of what I seek to destroy.”

“We shall see…”

I forged my way through the pile of treasure and grabbed the hilt. I pulled it from the mounds of gold and found that it was a morning star. An exceedingly fine morning star made of a striking silver. Shortly after we left the room, but not before both Thorin and Gebbor ransacked what gold and gems they could. Gebbor, being naked could only put the gems in his beard.

I proceeded out of the room through the front door to avoid the sphynx. As I left I investigated another room and was attacked by the many traps inside. An arrow narrowly missed my head, but Luckily for us Gebbor’s clothes were in the room. I never want to see another naked Dwarf. Before we could get to his clothes however we had to fight off a few dust methods. We continued exploring and I easily outran the Dwarfs in search of a good meal. I was tired of the constant temptation of having a Dwarf dinner. I ran into a few traps, one badly gashed my arm, but I was able to avoid most, and I came across few enemies.
In my search for the exit I came across a large statue of a humanoid with an outstretched hand and a spear in the other. I ignored the statue because next to it were many treasures. A pile of bronze pieces with a few gold and silver. I found other odds: 3 glass vials, a wand, and 4 identical statuettes of a beautiful elf woman. The statuettes were made of gold, silver, bronze, and bone. Shortly after finding this statue I found the exit. I waited there for the others and they came quickly. We then all exited the keep.



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