Eraven's Tale

The Heroes set forth

Eraven’s Journal

Just a few weeks ago I joined a group of bandits to earn a bit of coin. I didn’t figure that any group of lowlifes would have an actual healer with them. The small of group of bandits decided to raid a Dwarven Caravan. The bandits were all wiped out by the caravan guards and I was taken captive. The midgets tied me to a horse so I wouldn’t escape. After a while they trusted me enough to untie me. I decided to stay with the caravan particularly with two rowdy dwarves called Thorin and Gebbor.

The caravan stopped at a small inn just a day’s journey South of Mirador Stronghold. I entered the inn with Thorin and Gebbor who obnoxiously claimed all the drink as their own. An old human man called us over once we were inside. He was adamant about talking to us and knowing why we were passing by. Gebbor told the man we were in it for the coin and I explained that we were protecting a caravan. The old man offered us a job but refused to give any details until we accepted.

We accepted and went to tell the caravan leader that we planned on leaving soon. When we returned to the inn and the old man was gone. The barkeep called us over and handed us a letter with a drawing. The drawing depicted a key, a flower, a wheel (possibly a millstone), and a gem. The letter was a riddle written in Dwarvish and some other language. What Thorin and Gebbor could understand was a riddle. I found that the riddle described a location about fifteen day’s travel from Mirador Stronghold. With our horses we could make the journey in four days.




On the second day of our journey we outran a group of goblins. After outrunning them we made camp at the base of some hills. I had the second watch, Gebbor had the first and Thorin had the last. I awoke during Thorin’s watch to the sound of horns blasting around the campsite. I stood to see many dark figures who proceeded to attack us. When the figures neared I could see that they were orcs and hear their screams. We easily killed the orcs, but Thorin took a few hard hits, but he would recover quickly. By the time the fighting stopped the sun had risen. We looted the corpses to find 50 silver pieces and a strange medallion. We prayed to our deities for guidance but received no answers. I kept the medallion and the gold to manage it for the group. They think I’m a pack mule.


We continued our journey over the hills and came across an old ruin. I later learned that the ruins are called Ghoulpass Keep. We decided to investigate…




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