Eraven's Tale

Kobold Stew? more like Kobold blew. up.

After investigating the paintings in the room Thorin and I left. We discovered that we had merely been teleported to another part of the keep. We quickly found where we were and reunited with the Dwarf, Gebbor, whom we had left at the entrance. We brought Gebbor with us deeper into the keep. I grabbed the ring that teleported us, and later found a small room with a chest. The chest was locked so I forced the lock open with my mace. Upon hitting the chest, it roared at me. We fought it and won. It split in half and spilled out many treasures. The greedy dwarves took all the gems for themselves, but allowed me to keep a pair of old elvish boots. When I step in them I make no noise.
p. We further investigated the keep and Gebbor slaughtered a kobold into a fine, bloody paste. We then came upon another room with a pedestal, and just like the last there was a ring on it. Thorin once again greedily grabbed the ring, but this time he did not teleport. Instead the stone door slammed shut. I found a riddle inscribed on the wall in Dwarvish:

Worms and birds may pass,

but you may not

until you open my rusty lock

Once I’m free I swing to and fro

yet nowhere do I ever go.

Thorin spoke the answer, gate. Then a mouth appeared on the door. The mouth rambled on like an old man. After speaking with it he let us leave. He only wished that we would come back to say hello sometime. We explored more of the keep, and I could hear many footsteps following us. They seemed to be headed to the room we were just in. I hoped the door would talk to whoever it was and keep them busy. If of course it was a person and not a monster like the Kobold Gebbor had already slain. After being separated I called to Thorin and of course every creature in the keep came running towards me. Luckily Thorin and Gebbor were not too far away and we killed many Kobolds and a skeletal warrior. After winning the small battle we continued down a small hallway to yet another talking door. This one didn’t ramble but was just as happy to see us. Thorin being the rash Dwarf he is immediately tried to silence it by shoving Gebbor in its gaping mouth.
p. Thorin easily overpowered Gebbor after a short scuffle and threw him inside the mouth. Gebbor disappeared completely, and I proceeded to open the door. I honestly couldn’t care less about the Dwarves’ scuffles or where Gebbor had gone. On the other side was a strange creature in a small room. I later found out that it was a Sphynx. Thorin came in with me and the Sphynx proceeded to ask us riddles. She asked us three riddles and we answered two correctly. After the first three she offered to ask another to retrieve our other Dwarf. Thorin agreed to get back his friend, but if he answered incorrectly she would eat him. He answered the riddle incorrectly, but managed to talk his way out of his failure. Instead all we had to do was return a few of the items we had plundered.

The Sphynx let us pass and told us to go to her treasure room. She told us it was behind a hidden door in a room in the west passage. We found Gebbor in the west passage and the hidden door then proceeded to the treasure room. I easily threw my plundered ring into the pile of gold, but Thorin and Gebbor were struggling to resist the amount of treasures around them.



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