Eraven's Tale

A New discovery?

We ran into the next room. Gebbor sprinted at full force and was struck by a wyrmling. He was seriously injured and bloodied. The half-elf with me used a powerful magic to put the wyrmling and Gebbor to sleep. We kicked the dwarf awake and I healed him to a stable state. We continued farther down the cave. We knew the way out, but I wanted to make sure we found the dragon’s amethyst. We didn’t run into anymore enemies for a while. While exploring we encountered strange writings on the walls. They were all separated into four parts spread throughout the cave:

Yu Mo
Gui Gwai
Di Zao

We found a chest that the half-elf investigated. Inside was a strange crystal. Embedded in the crystal was an image of a dragon.

We explored further through the icy cave, occasionally finding strange stones that teleported us to different areas. Upon teleporting into a large room Gebbor and I found a dragonborn chained to a wall. It was surrounded by kobolds. We started fighting them, easily killing a few. The dragonborn awoke from some stupor during the fight. It was able to free itself from its bonds and kill a kobold with its bare hands. After the fight and some conversing with the dragonborn we continued our journey.

We advanced further through the cave, using the teleporting stones to jump from area to area. The dragonborn and I became separated from Gebbor. Gebbor went south while we traveled north. We came upon an area of the cave I quickly recognized. We were at the entrance, at least what used to be the entrance. The entryway was now sealed off by the magical ice. We turned around and ventured south to resume our search for the amethyst.

Upon further adventuring I could hear the screams of Gebbor from farther within the crypt. The dragonborn led the way in the direction he thought he heard the screams. We went until we came across a small room. As soon as the door opened we were dragged in against our will. Before us was a demonic creature. He bid us welcome and called us fools. I talked to the demon while the dragonborn kept silent. I called the demon the ‘keeper of the cave.’ I doubt he was any type of keeper but the name seemed fitting.

I was very open with the foul creature. I told it of our quest. The demon demanded that I instead find the amethyst and bring it to him. I told how the dragon would surely kill me if I betrayed it. The demon assured me the dragon would be of no trouble. I agreed once again to find the amethyst for a more powerful being. The demon gave me directions and I left with the dragonborn. The directions were horrible, but eventually we were able to find our way.

We came across Gebbor, shaken and nearly frozen to death. We recuperated him and it became obvious he too had come across the ‘keeper of the cave.’ We eventually found stairs that the demon spoke of. We rested there, knowing that more challenges awaited us.

The entrance to the unknown

Halfway through the day we found our first landmark: the stream. It was easy to cross despite its horrid appearance. The dwarves tried to throw me across and failed miserably. I fell into a thin layer of ice and was soaked. After drying out we traveled northward, but before we could go far we were stopped by a blizzard. Instead of fighting our way through it we camped. At least Thorin and I did. Gebbor foolishly kept going, the stubborn dwarf. While Thorin and I camped I made sure to assert my dominance over him, events that I wish not to write here.

The next morning was clear and we continued northward. We luckily found Gebbor half-buried in the snow on our way. He was surprisingly alive. It wasn’t long before the weather worsened once again, but this time with a thick fog. We easily became lost and wandered aimlessly for hours. When the fog departed we somehow were above the 3 waterfalls that the dragon had told me about. We were able to lower ourselves with rope, though Gebbor and I fell part of the way. Luckily I was able to grab a hold of him and the rope and save ourselves from serious injury. The cave was in between two of the three waterfalls just like the dragon had said.

The path up to the cave was treacherous. The waterfalls were more like icefalls. I was able to bend the ice around us so we could safely make it inside the cave. Surprisingly enough, torches were lit inside, though it seemed abandoned. In the first corridor we ventured down I found a broken statue. I could tell it was a statue of Miyeem, who I know as the god of water. In the rubble I found a necklace. A very strange necklace with different colored beeds.

We continued to a room. Inside were two frozen solid orcs and a chest. Upon examining the second orc Gebbor noticed his valuable sword. Instead of taking it from the frozen creature’s hand he stabbed his great axe into its back. Gebbor’s strength was too much, the axe was so deep the dwarf had trouble removing it. I tried my best but failed. Fortunately for Gebbor my arrogant attitude enraged him enough so he could easily remove it with a single hand.

The orc suddenly awoke as the axe left its back. It attacked Thorin instantly. Thorin wrestled with the creature while I casted a fire on its belly. After he fell to the ground unconscious I revived him to a solid state. He was very annoying, but quickly died by a trap door that I convinced him to open. The trapped door led to nothing but an empty hallway. Thorin tried praying to his god for direction as to what he could find in the empty hallway. When he finished the prayer the axe that was used on the trap door fell to the ground. Thorin took this as a sign the he had to use the axe to chop through the icy walls. He told me to stay so we could find the loot that was most assuredly inside. He chopped with the axe and managed to make a small dent in the wall.

He repeatedly tried while I was bored by his attempts. I used my magic to instead move entire sections of the wall away. We found ourselves in a very large room filled with ice methits on the other side. They made petty attacks and we quickly killed them, but each time one died a creepy laughter filled the room. Towards the end the laughter became cynical and dark. I began to hate my time in the cave extremely. All I wanted to do was leave. We saw at the other side some sort of demon made of ice. It hurled a large chunk of ice into the air towards us which became decreasingly smaller as it rolled. Suddenly from the ice a half-elf emerged. Who knows how long the elf was there in that cave. When he began to move I told him to run with us so we could escape the demon.

A New ally or A New Threat

The mountain was extremely frigid. We climbed as far as we could until nightfall. We set up camp and drew sticks for our watches. In the middle of the night we were attacked by a wyrmling. It was pure white and blended almost perfectly against the snow. Its breath was a cold wind. The wyrmling made no attempt to talk despite my attempts to calm him in Draconic. After a long battle we killed the beast, and not surprisingly after the battle a larger dragon flew down. Thorin and Gebbor ran into the bushes like cowards.

I spoke to the dragon in draconic, and he surprisingly talked to me. Perhaps he was amazed by my ability to speak in the dragon tongue. He quickly demanded to know why I had slain his son. I couldn’t deny that I had killed his son since I was covered in his blood. I explained that his son had attacked us first despite my attempts to calm him. It took a while for the dragon to believe me, but he did and explained that his son was always brash. I told him of the coward Dwarves hiding in the bushes, and he demanded that they come out. Thorin came out, but Gebbor ran. He was definitely confused since he understood none of our conversation. After the dragon stopped Gebbor from running he spoke to me again in Draconic. He told me of a quest he demanded I and the Dwarves complete for him as payment for killing his son.

Travel a day and a half down the valley,
Cross the stream then travel North.
You will come across three water falls
In between two you will find a cave.
Enter the cave, find the amethyst of immeasurable value
Bring it to me.
I will be waiting outside.

The dragon promptly left after I accepted his quest. We continued are rest until sunrise, and the following morning we made our trek down the mountain. We were met by a horrible snow storm, and wolves were a common sight. They hunted us as we fled down the mountain. Along the way we heard chattering in the bushes around us. I proceeded to investigate but found nothing. We ignored the noises from then on, but as we continued Thorin was attacked out of nowhere. A small indistinguishable object flew past his head. Fairies emerged from the bushes mounted on squirrels. They sought to kill Thorin’s sprite. Thorin was able to hide his sprite from the fairies while I sought to speak to them.

I was unfortunately too nice to the fairies and asked them why they wished to kill my companion’s sprite. One of the fairies began to tell a long and boring story of how sprites once attacked their great homeland. It became obvious to me that such a story could not be true. I argued briefly defending the sprite. I realized that the fairies were too stubborn to see reason and instead insulted them. I told them to go home then corrected myself saying, “wait. You don’t have a home, do you?” The fairies and squirrels were devastated by my remarks and fell to the ground in tears.

Thorin, being the foolish dwarf he is, saw an opportunity to kill the fairy and stomped on it with his boot. The fairy became nothing more than goo. A conflict arose, and I managed to start a large fire in a frozen forest, to this day I still don’t understand how it happened. After a small fight and killing the majority of fairies we were turned into comical animals. I, a sheep; Gebbor, a frog; and Thorin, a pig(very accurate). Gebbor as a frog ate the last fairy with his long, sticky tongue. We waited an hour to turn into our normal selves. After resting for the night we continued our journey.

The mysterious nights
3 questionable nights

We rested outside Goulpass Keep and slept through the night. In the morning we continued our journey northward. Later that day we found a bag along the road. I convinced Thorin to open it by telling him that I thought I saw something shiny inside, which was a complete lie. To my surprise he actually found a shiny amulet inside. It was marked with a quire symbol, which I noted was similar to the amulet we found before. Further along the road we found a bloody note. Next to it was a bloody trail that Gebbor insisted we follow. Unfortunately, the trail led to the body of a mutilated female human. We couldn’t find her killer and after a short search I cremated her.

Our journey kept growing stranger the next night. In the middle of the night, during Gebbor’s watch, we encountered fairies mounted upon squirrels. I talked to the fairies, despite the dwarves’ desires to simply murder them. They told me they were hunting sprites, and I later found out that my companion Thorin had a sprite with him. I told them that we hadn’t seen any sprites and the fairies left, after some convincing of course.

On our third day of travel we finally came to the base of the peaks. We decided to rest there for the night then begin our trek through the mountains the following morning. We passed through the middle of the peaks in the middle canyon. The canyon was very unsettling. The earth seemed to move around us and under our feet. In the middle of our path an earth elemental suddenly appeared ready to attack. Luckily for our party I speak Primordial. I spoke with the elemental and asked if we could pass. He wanted to know why we were passing. I told him of our quest and how noble it was. He agreed to let us pass on one condition: that we give him one of the amulets that we had found. Knowing that the amulet would be needed later on in our journey we disagreed to the deal. The elemental refused to let us pass and we decided to climb the side of the peak to go around.

Whispered Promises

Luckily for us, Thorin was able to resist the pile of gold. For some odd reason while we were inside I noticed a jewel encrusted hilt inside the pile. It was extremely beautiful, and while I stared at it I could hear a voice in the back of my head.

“Grab me, Eraven.” The voice whispered.

I hesitated. Any weapon that talks couldn’t be enchanted with a friendly magic.

“Eraven.” The voice came again. “I will grant you the power you need.”

“Power, yes.” I answered. “But will you grant me the power to vanquish this world of what I seek to destroy.”

“We shall see…”

I forged my way through the pile of treasure and grabbed the hilt. I pulled it from the mounds of gold and found that it was a morning star. An exceedingly fine morning star made of a striking silver. Shortly after we left the room, but not before both Thorin and Gebbor ransacked what gold and gems they could. Gebbor, being naked could only put the gems in his beard.

I proceeded out of the room through the front door to avoid the sphynx. As I left I investigated another room and was attacked by the many traps inside. An arrow narrowly missed my head, but Luckily for us Gebbor’s clothes were in the room. I never want to see another naked Dwarf. Before we could get to his clothes however we had to fight off a few dust methods. We continued exploring and I easily outran the Dwarfs in search of a good meal. I was tired of the constant temptation of having a Dwarf dinner. I ran into a few traps, one badly gashed my arm, but I was able to avoid most, and I came across few enemies.
In my search for the exit I came across a large statue of a humanoid with an outstretched hand and a spear in the other. I ignored the statue because next to it were many treasures. A pile of bronze pieces with a few gold and silver. I found other odds: 3 glass vials, a wand, and 4 identical statuettes of a beautiful elf woman. The statuettes were made of gold, silver, bronze, and bone. Shortly after finding this statue I found the exit. I waited there for the others and they came quickly. We then all exited the keep.

Kobold Stew? more like Kobold blew. up.

After investigating the paintings in the room Thorin and I left. We discovered that we had merely been teleported to another part of the keep. We quickly found where we were and reunited with the Dwarf, Gebbor, whom we had left at the entrance. We brought Gebbor with us deeper into the keep. I grabbed the ring that teleported us, and later found a small room with a chest. The chest was locked so I forced the lock open with my mace. Upon hitting the chest, it roared at me. We fought it and won. It split in half and spilled out many treasures. The greedy dwarves took all the gems for themselves, but allowed me to keep a pair of old elvish boots. When I step in them I make no noise.
p. We further investigated the keep and Gebbor slaughtered a kobold into a fine, bloody paste. We then came upon another room with a pedestal, and just like the last there was a ring on it. Thorin once again greedily grabbed the ring, but this time he did not teleport. Instead the stone door slammed shut. I found a riddle inscribed on the wall in Dwarvish:

Worms and birds may pass,

but you may not

until you open my rusty lock

Once I’m free I swing to and fro

yet nowhere do I ever go.

Thorin spoke the answer, gate. Then a mouth appeared on the door. The mouth rambled on like an old man. After speaking with it he let us leave. He only wished that we would come back to say hello sometime. We explored more of the keep, and I could hear many footsteps following us. They seemed to be headed to the room we were just in. I hoped the door would talk to whoever it was and keep them busy. If of course it was a person and not a monster like the Kobold Gebbor had already slain. After being separated I called to Thorin and of course every creature in the keep came running towards me. Luckily Thorin and Gebbor were not too far away and we killed many Kobolds and a skeletal warrior. After winning the small battle we continued down a small hallway to yet another talking door. This one didn’t ramble but was just as happy to see us. Thorin being the rash Dwarf he is immediately tried to silence it by shoving Gebbor in its gaping mouth.
p. Thorin easily overpowered Gebbor after a short scuffle and threw him inside the mouth. Gebbor disappeared completely, and I proceeded to open the door. I honestly couldn’t care less about the Dwarves’ scuffles or where Gebbor had gone. On the other side was a strange creature in a small room. I later found out that it was a Sphynx. Thorin came in with me and the Sphynx proceeded to ask us riddles. She asked us three riddles and we answered two correctly. After the first three she offered to ask another to retrieve our other Dwarf. Thorin agreed to get back his friend, but if he answered incorrectly she would eat him. He answered the riddle incorrectly, but managed to talk his way out of his failure. Instead all we had to do was return a few of the items we had plundered.

The Sphynx let us pass and told us to go to her treasure room. She told us it was behind a hidden door in a room in the west passage. We found Gebbor in the west passage and the hidden door then proceeded to the treasure room. I easily threw my plundered ring into the pile of gold, but Thorin and Gebbor were struggling to resist the amount of treasures around them.

The Entrance to GhoulPass Keep

In the abandoned ruins, Ghoulpass Keep, Thorin and I continued to explore. While adventuring inside Thorin stepped on a trapped pressure plate. I was able to escape from the traps but he could not. He was trapped inside a hall behind a thick stone wall. I almost felt bad for the Dwarf. After I solved a simple riddle the door made a clicking noise. Shortly after, Thorin solved a riddle on his side and the door fully opened. After the door completely opened a pedestal arose in the hall. On top was a golden ring bejeweled with a large diamond. Thorin, being the greedy Dwarf he is, tried to grab it for his own, but miraculously disappeared. After that I was left a choice: do I leave? Or do I touch the ring and help someone who has never shown kindness to me? After thoughtful consideration I touched the ring in hopes that I might have a friend in Thorin.
I instantaneously appeared in another room with Thorin by my side. The room was circular with the same pedestal and ring in the middle. Surrounding us on the walls were twelve strange painting:

I recognized one of the paintings, the very same that the old man from the inn had shown us in his letter. Only a single door led out of that room.

The Heroes set forth

Eraven’s Journal

Just a few weeks ago I joined a group of bandits to earn a bit of coin. I didn’t figure that any group of lowlifes would have an actual healer with them. The small of group of bandits decided to raid a Dwarven Caravan. The bandits were all wiped out by the caravan guards and I was taken captive. The midgets tied me to a horse so I wouldn’t escape. After a while they trusted me enough to untie me. I decided to stay with the caravan particularly with two rowdy dwarves called Thorin and Gebbor.

The caravan stopped at a small inn just a day’s journey South of Mirador Stronghold. I entered the inn with Thorin and Gebbor who obnoxiously claimed all the drink as their own. An old human man called us over once we were inside. He was adamant about talking to us and knowing why we were passing by. Gebbor told the man we were in it for the coin and I explained that we were protecting a caravan. The old man offered us a job but refused to give any details until we accepted.

We accepted and went to tell the caravan leader that we planned on leaving soon. When we returned to the inn and the old man was gone. The barkeep called us over and handed us a letter with a drawing. The drawing depicted a key, a flower, a wheel (possibly a millstone), and a gem. The letter was a riddle written in Dwarvish and some other language. What Thorin and Gebbor could understand was a riddle. I found that the riddle described a location about fifteen day’s travel from Mirador Stronghold. With our horses we could make the journey in four days.




On the second day of our journey we outran a group of goblins. After outrunning them we made camp at the base of some hills. I had the second watch, Gebbor had the first and Thorin had the last. I awoke during Thorin’s watch to the sound of horns blasting around the campsite. I stood to see many dark figures who proceeded to attack us. When the figures neared I could see that they were orcs and hear their screams. We easily killed the orcs, but Thorin took a few hard hits, but he would recover quickly. By the time the fighting stopped the sun had risen. We looted the corpses to find 50 silver pieces and a strange medallion. We prayed to our deities for guidance but received no answers. I kept the medallion and the gold to manage it for the group. They think I’m a pack mule.


We continued our journey over the hills and came across an old ruin. I later learned that the ruins are called Ghoulpass Keep. We decided to investigate…



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